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Mielle Organics Afro Hair Shampoo

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Shampoo for afro hair

The cornerstone product of any afro-centric hair care regiment has got to be a rich, sulfate-free natural hair shampoo. Whether you’re looking for a clarifying afro hair shampoo or something gentle just to refresh your kinks and curls, we’ve got the perfect shampoo for your wash day!

Shampoo for natural hair is designed to clean your locks without stripping them of their important natural oils and drying out or damaging your curls.

Whether you’re a lover of pre-poo, co-wash, OG shampoo or you get to work with them all, we’ve got what you need!

Match your favourite shampoo with the perfect nourishing and moisturising conditioner, treatment or deep conditioner that packs a nutrient punch and you’ve the ultimate wash day duo nailed. You’re well on the way to getting those super-duper curls poppin’!

What’s the difference between regular shampoo and shampoo made for natural hair and afro hair?

Good question! The main difference between shampoo for European hair and a shampoo for natural hair is primarily down to the use of sodium lauryl sulfate.

It’s the ingredient in regular shampoo that gives it lots of lather and bubbles, but the downside is that this ingredient is savage for afro hair, kinks and curls.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is what’s mainly responsible for stripping natural oils and moisture away from hair which is the exact opposite of what natural hair needs. So you’ll get lots of awesome lather and bubbles, but you can kiss goodbye to your afro hair’s natural oils (and those kinks, coils and curls)

Dry natural hair is prone to breakage and can get super-brittle when it’s stripped of moisture and critical oils.

Afro specific shampoos do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Ok, so there’s often much less lather to play with, but your natural hair will be much happier, stronger and healthier as it’ll be clean without being stripped of all its oils and moisture.

If you’re serious about natural haircare, you’ve got to invest in a good quality natural hair shampoo!

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