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Shea Butter Afro Hair Deep Conditioner

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Deep Conditioner for Afro Hair

If you’re not deep conditioning your afro hair, what are you doing! Regardless of hair length, hair porosity or curl pattern, a deep conditioner is a critical step in ones natural hair care regiment!

We’ve a wide range of deep conditioners in stock for all budgets; each with their own benefits and each packed with nutrients and specific ingredients to hydrate your hair and keep your tresses happy!

Of course, with all things natural hair care – all deep conditioners aren’t created equal. Some are high in protein (typically great for high porosity and brittle hair – but so much for natural hair with low porosity). Others are rich in oils, nutrients and fats.

Whatever you’re looking for – we’ve got what you need! Grab yourself the perfect deep conditioner for wash day.

Can you deep condition with a regular conditioner?

In a nutshell, the simple answer is no. A deep conditioner is much richer than a wash-out conditioner. Way more slip to detangle with, a lot more nourishing ingredients and typically moisturises your hair much more effectively than a regular conditioner can.

As a result, there’s no need to use a regular / wash-out conditioner if you’re using a deep conditioner. A deep conditioner alone is all you need when it comes to natural hair care.

Co-Wash & Pre-Poo

When it comes to natural afro curls, it’s all about getting your hair clean whilst keeping the natural oils and moisture in your hair safe and untouched.

Co-washing and pre-pooing can be the answer you’re looking for maximum hair hydration whilst cleaning your hair and scalp! Shop our range of co-wash and pre-poo products.

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