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Palmers Afro Hair Conditioner

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Conditioner for afro hair

After you’ve picked your favourite afro hair shampoo, quench the thirst of your kinks and curls and drown ’em in a slick, nourishment-rich conditioner. No wash day is complete without one!

Whether your tresses love a juicy, rich deep conditioner, a solid and staple protein treatments or a good old-fashioned wash-out conditioner, we’ve got you covered.

Equally, don’t forget how important a good solid leave-in conditioner is too! Perfect for refreshing and hydrating your natural hair and curls between wash days and can be a crucial step when styling your curls or nailing your LOC or LCO routine.

Whether you’re looking for leave-in conditioner to top up your hair’s moisture between washes or an all out, super-rich wash-out conditioner than packs a punch, afrodrops has you covered.

How often should I condition my natural hair?

Ok, so everyone’s hair is different and it’s all about finding the balance. Washing and conditioning (or deep conditioning) your natural hair everyday is almost always overkill and will do more harm than good. It can make your hair brittle and weak from stripping too much oil and moisture from your hair.

Equally, not washing and conditioning your hair often enough can cause other issues too including product build up, an itchy scalp and unhappy kinks and curls to name a few.

For many, the sweet spot is to wash and condition once a week. Our advice would be to start there and find what works for you. We strongly recommend conditioning or deep conditioning your hair every time it’s washed and using leave-in conditioner between washes to refresh your natural curls.

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